Koguryo Golf Tournament

The Ocean Breakers Golf club is a private golf club that has 5 major tournaments a year where a group of golfers from the South Bay region and beyond get together for a fun filled day of golf and good times. I have been photographing this group of guys for about 5 years now and each year they have welcomed me as one of their brothers and have allowed me to capture some special (and some not so special) moments on the golf course. In the game of golf there are a range of emotions from lows to highs and the one who can manage both has a good chance of coming out on top. Golf for those who have never played the sport is a love-hate relationship that will test your skills and patience like no other.


As every golfer knows, the tee shots are always a bit nerve racking and sets the tone for the rest of the hole. Every golfer’s swing is like a fingerprint; no two are ever the same.

The teams are grouped by the older age group denoted by the “red caps” and the younger age group in “green caps” This particular tournament has individual play, alternate shots, shamble, and scramble.

Did I mention the highs and lows during a round?

There can sometimes be downtime in between holes…

This year the Koguryo tournament was held at the picturesque Olivas Links course in the beautiful city of Ventura. A links golf course is the oldest style of golf course design and originated in Scotland. Typically they are situated near a coastal region and are often characterized by having few trees and water hazards as well as having more of a flatter topography. We often overlook the beauty of the course during the heat of competition which is a bit of a shame, but at least we have these images to share.

Within the beauty of the golf course, there are trouble areas which always seem to find golfers when the pressure is on.

A parting panorama to take one last look at this beautiful golf course. Until next year!