Boho Bridal Shoot

So thrilled over this Bohemian Bridal shoot!  We got to work with a group of talented professionals who were such a joy to work with.

We decided to meet at the Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange, CA and immediately hit it off.  (Note for my fellow photographers, you will need a permit to shoot here as well as a reservation for the specific date.)

Hair & Makeup prep started a little after 3pm and by 5pm we were ready to start shooting.

Santiago Oaks has a gorgeous courtyard area with great shade that they rent out for weddings and parties.

We started with some warm up shots and had music playing softly in the background to keep things light and playful.

Dress from @elison_rd

Dress from @elison_rd

A little over half way through we switched things up by changing into a dress from @Lulus and adding a bit with a veil.

This was an on the spot idea and Taylor, Maria and Laura had fun arranging flowers around Makenna.  What bohemian bride doesn't want to be surrounded by flowers?

So thankful for everyone who participated in this shoot!  Happy 2017!