It all starts with Love

These two should give lessons on how to be amazing parents.  The love between Alla and Paul was so apparent in the way they interacted with each other and the rest of their family.

Alla and Paul are proud parents to three adorable boys...

...and one sweet sweet girl...

We began this lifestyle family session at around 5PM in late April when the sun started setting a bit later.  This gave us plenty of time to relax into the session and walk around to our favorite spots before sunset.

This was a family who had a lot of fun and really enjoyed spending time with one another.  It was so much fun photographing them in their element.

Alla was wearing a fabulous dress and we just had to capture it in motion.

Like mother like daughter!

With such a glorious day on our hands we were honored to have the two matriarchs join us for a few lovely photos.

Thank you Paul and Alla for giving us a peek into your happy world.  It's beautiful here.