"If I could go back in time to before we met, I’d look for you and find you sooner…so I could love you longer.

His brother would say that Bill…he was born serious.

However his mother was not worried and always said that one day, Bill would find and fall in love with a beautiful Latina and that she would bring light, love, and happiness into his life. Everyone would laugh because Bill grew up in a small East Coast town filled with mostly Caucasians; there may have been one Latino in the area.

One day, Bill got an itching to travel across country and land in Southern California. And what do you know, his mother, God rest her soul, she was right! Bill met Maria and she was pure and vibrant sunshine. He found the woman who made him smile from ear to ear, and inspired him to boogie on the dance floor.

Together they are living their happily ever after and we could not be happier for them.

Congratulations Bill & Maria!

Getting Ready


Holy Family Catholic Church


El Dorado Golf Course